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May 2011



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May. 3rd, 2011

Going to actually try to use this thing!

 Well, theres so many things going on about Ocarina Of Time 3D and I'm really hyped up for it! And then, my birthday is coming up soon, so I'm going to be busy for awhile... friends will be wanting to drag me around all over the place for the next little while xD
Theres been voting, and well I'm not too sure what I think about a Harper majority. I don't want him to bring up old, controversial issues and use his majority to get what he wants. (Marriage laws, abortion laws... and I'm fairly certain the list goes on) But, he was the lesser of all evils... or at least I hope...

My muse is also being elusive and selective, but I'm trying to find it. I have over 8 gigs of music... hopefully I can find it. Anybody have some KakuHid to kick it into gear? :P Because, once it gets going, I'm not going to stop! The entire plot is there but I want it to be quality and not done just for the sake of getting it done. Forced writing comes out as stiff... and well it's not a good stiff! :P Right now, all it wants it soft and fluffy smut and... well... that's not really KakuHid (Unless YOU want that and wtf your screeen name is also eluding me... person-who-ah there it is, MARLOW)
Hmm what else: Somewhat confused that I failed my classes x.x I don't know how it happened - they were going good! Le sigh...
Oh well, I suppose I'll go wash the walls... even though all I want to do is curl up on bed and let the cramps pass. Leaky leaky goes the vayjay!

Feb. 16th, 2011

Late Night Muse

 Yawwwn... sleepy

Title: Wait (b)
Series: Legend of Zelda OoT
Pairings/Characters: Link/Sheik fluff and fade to black smut Navi
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Total: 1,447
Warnings: Fade to black smut(ish) fluff
Summary/Quotation: For a person who controlled time at his fingertips, Link REALLY hated waiting.

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Feb. 14th, 2011

Because I'm so epic


I plopped a screen shot into one of those stupid things. I couldn't help it... every time I saw it that's the ONLY thing I thought of. xD

Feb. 10th, 2011

Well they've done it again.

If you don't want to hear a rant, run away now,

Just yesterday I was marveling on how much human civilization has grown and developed over periods of time, as I contemplated how social the human creature is.

It was completely spoiled by two people, although the latter person just adds insult to injury - so to speak.

I still can't BELIEVE the selfishness and idiocy of this chick. Seriously, how fucking self-conscious and STUPID can you get? Ruining somebody's life over your own fucking stupid mistakes. Sure, they were at fault too, but they don't deserve to have so much fucking time taken away from them, they don't deserve to be publicated in a biased manner, they don't deserve to be labeled and confined. They deserve punishment, I agree, but they don't deserve this! Besides you were at fault too! If you weren't so damn stupid, so god damn irresponsible, then this wouldn't have happened either, would it?

Not to mention that you'd have to do the same to EVERY OTHER PERSON you were irresponsible with as well, as by the reasons you damned this person, many other are applicable as well, or so I assume, seeing that many people and that irresponsibility tend to pair together. You wasted money, and now are wasting usage of life. It's almost never for the better either!

There was hardly any harm done to you, yet you destroy everything! How dare you you selfish bitch! No, that's not befitting you. You join the ranks of the many scum of society, you sink down deep into the deep.

May I ask you why you are destroying a life, causing everlasting scars over something that you don't even REMEMBER? Something that won't affect you ten years down the road? Or even a YEAR?

The only thing that will affect you is the money, but then again, that was your fault too? That was due to your own disgusting selfishness, your own despicable logic.

And the second you, leave me the fuck alone and University students don't NEED pot to survive, and they also don't need people gossiping about them because they are against using drugs. You creep me the fuck out.

.... -sigh- I didn't need this at PMS and mid-term time.

Jan. 29th, 2011

Random Update and actually going to start to blog Zomg

 Well so far, this year hasn't been too bad! New Years belated celebration with bff was fun, school's not too bad, more socializing and even that jeff dunham concert! Been so busy lately that I haven't written anything new or drew anything @_@. I like it when classes aren't as far apart as before - a LOT less stress! So school is good. Broke until I finish this job of babysitting too lol. Dang books! I'm even working on my New Year's Resolution of Schedueling myself and whatnot!

However there is one thing that's been stressing me out - and it's the fact that I can't eat properly x.x It really sucks, there was one time where i went over 24 hours without a proper meal. I know it was present when school began - but I can't tell WHEN it started. I think also in Dec. but yeah. I noticed it in Jan when a simple small muffin at 10:30 in the morn would sustain me until 4-7 in the evening. The bad thing it that I eat when I'm hungry, so I don't notice I should eat. And now I can't eat too much without my throat telling me "No more" even though my stomach is empty. >< Seeing doc about it on Thurs or Friday (I think secretary got dates wrong so I gotta double check) but yeah I is concerned. Not to mention that after I went swimming I got a rash on my face! Ahhh hope that its nothing serious.

PS: Sorry for delay Marlow :P

Nov. 8th, 2010

Well, spoil alert to the Zelda OoT Thing But I wanna get it out.

I've seen and heard many arguments on Sheik's gender... and I thought I might as well make my own.

I personally prefer Sheik to be a male, just because I believed Sheik to be a male when I was a small child, and I never changed my views. However, the facts lead me to conclude this: Sheik's gender cannot be proven to be either male or female.

People lead to the manga which have, yes, been supervised by those who made Zelda, but it was not drawn directly by them. Therefore, it is rendered a mute point. But, for the sake of it's 'proof' I will state this:
Zelda had told Impa that "She would become a boy." Magic was used to change Zelda into a whole different identity, in which she forgot who she was. There was a "Sheik" personality and "body" but, Sheik was not his own person. He was another identity of Zelda. There is also at least one occasion where the body changes ever so subtly from prior to Sheik turning into Zelda and post. If links are required, I can produce.
So in conclusion, Sheik was a male in the manga, but NOT a separate character.

However, as mentioned previously, the manga is not a valid source and is rendered mute.

I have also heard cases of Sheik having a female voice actor. This does not make Sheik a female. There are many male characters who have female voice actors. Such examples are: Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto and even Son Goku from the Dragon Ball sagas (Including his adult forms). That Sheik has the same voice actor as Zelda, well, CANONLY it's only gasps, grunts, screams, and random noises, and sound more masculine than Zelda's obviously feminine screams screams.
Therefore this concludes nothing solid about Sheik's gender.

That somewhat brings the matter to the Super Smash Bros, but like the manga, it cannot be considered canon, but here is the arguement anyway.
Zelda turns into Sheik in that game, and it is revealed that Sheik is indeed Zelda, but they do not state anything about Sheik's true gender. Yes, they state that Zelda uses magic to change her eye colour, hair colour, and clothing, but nothing about gender. Sheik was given more feminine features, but in melee, Sheik's 'gender' is unknown. In Brawl however, Sheik is definitely a woman, BUT that Sheik was based off of the Twilight Princess universe and therefore is not the Sheik in Ocarina of Time, rendering that point even more mute than it already is non-canonly.
In conclusion, Melee gives no facts about Sheik being male or female, just that Sheik is Zelda's disguise with magic. Brawl, on the other hand has a clearly feminine Sheik from a different time period.

Now, for the canon.
Sheik's gender is assumed by many people, including Navi and Ruto as masculine, the latter saying "A nice young man".  Then there is Sheik's form, and all of the hip-to-shoulder ratio. There is the masculine grunts, the flexibility vrs bonding of breasts and hips. (Trust me when I say Sheik would have to be a very small breasted girl to pull that off with any minute success). There are many arguments stating the differences between Sheik and Zelda, including Zelda's actions at Ganon's castle vs Sheik's action at Kakariko Well. The only thing that could be considered solid evidence is that Zelda revealed herself to Link looking as Sheik in the Temple of Time, but even that was vague in itself. Zelda states "I'm sorry for meeting you in disguise." She does not explain when she met him in disguise, just that she did. The game does not give any solid evidence of Sheik being male or female, nor does it explain Sheik being Zelda or not. There are significant differences between the two characters and slight differences. However, there has never been a canon explanation for these differences.
In conclusion: Sheik's gender and identity are unknown, completely and utterly. If anything, the closest would be that Sheik is male due to the references of Sheik being male by characters.

Total conclusion: Ocarina of Time Sheik, INCLUDING the non-canons is a magical form of Zelda whose gender leans to masculine (based on the physical differences and binding and manga) and whose identity leans to a separate personality. 
However. Only Given Ocarina of Time, Sheik is a complete mystery. Speculation leads to male Sheik with separate personality changing BACK into female Zelda with original personality. (Due to Screaming Zelda vs defending Sheik, and physical differences which includes the mouth)

The only thing we can do is wait and see what happens with 3D Sheik. If the character suddenly grows boobs and wide hips, then Sheik is a woman. Lol.
And I don't want to hear the crap of "Oh you just don't want to admit you found Sheik hot and Sheik's a girl you homophobe." Because I can easily say this: I found a pic of Fem!Sheik and DAYMN it was fucking hot. Out of the closet Bisexual who is a part of the "Gay Pride" group in her Uni.

Oct. 3rd, 2010

Random stuff is random (... and stereotypically Canadian)

 Rawr, from random words my friend said therefore dedicated to him!

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Whee~ first Original story in ages!
Now, for random, slack-ass drawings! (not insulting drawings, I'm being stereotypical still)
Go Stereotypical Uni student!

Yuchi- revamped (not vampire) Drew on bus, most of him. I just outlined him and added finishing touches at resturant/home :P

Oct. 1st, 2010

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 Random pic for fic...

Aug. 16th, 2010

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